Matthias Mohr

Welcome to the web presence of my consulting and software engineering company. Currently, my focus is to embrace the community specifications STAC and openEO by helping companies with their adoption, either through consulting or software engineering.

This website gives quick insight into my work and I hope you can find all details that you need below. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact me at I'd love to hear from you.



I wrote most of the openEO API and process specifications. I also contributed significant parts of the STAC and STAC API specifications, including a large number of extensions. From time to time, I also contributed to some of the OGC API standards. I'm fluent in writing specifications based on OpenAPI and JSON Schema.


I love to code in JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, and R. A small excerpt of open-source software that I'm maintaining:

Please check my GitHub profile for a better overview of my open-source work. You can sponsor my work through GitHub sponsors, too.

Leadership & Consulting

The openEO Project Steering Committee has elected me as chair and I'm also member of the STAC Project Steeting Committee. I regularly guide companies to find the best way to adopt or improve their STAC and openEO stratagies. More information on contracting me...

Recent Talks


You can contact me via:

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