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Betreff: Coder for Viscacha Job# 319-12
Our organization is seeking a well organized Viscacha/PHP/MySql coder for the following task:

Embed Flash and other media MIME types within the Viscacha editor. This would allow:

1-    Auto Height and Width detection (a php function)
2-    Utilizing the browse function to locate and to upload the SWF file from the local drive
3-    To be able to remove the SWF file within the editor
4-    Utilizing a [flash-move ID] tag to position the movie within the body of the text / Each movie would need a unique movie clip id
5-    Creation of an upload folder for each approved author for media files

The budget for this project is: $1,000.00
Time frame: for completion: non at this time
Start Date: March 23 or sooner
Pay Method: PayPal

Will ask for a sample code to see style and how you comment. Projects are well managed and a project manager will assist you. The finished project will be donated back to the Viscacha community.

The task above will be paced at a minimum of 2.5 hours a day. - Full specs. and samples will be provided.

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Betreff: Re: Coder for Viscacha Job# 319-12

this sounds interesting. Should it be an extension of the current upload functionality or a new part? I think, it should be realized using the plugin system? What other mime types do you want? Using the GD Extension you can only detect the height of swf-files, for other formats you need special PHP-extensions.

When no one is interested, I can help you in the mid of April.

Very high budget! Surprised


Matthias M.
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Betreff: Re: Coder for Viscacha Job# 319-12
Hi MaMo,

The other MIME types are: WAV and MP3. We are going to launch our product and we are in need of a BB system that has these capabilities. I think mid April will be too late.

The bulletin board we choose for this project will also be of great benefit to the forum community. We are looking for cooperation and the skills to build these functions.



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