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[General] Who Is Online urls mix different translations together on click

There's an odd behaivor in the who is online list. I can see on what document the user is surfing on. That was the time when I decided to view the same document as well and just clicked on the url displayed in the currently viewed by user list.

I got the document but it was mixed up. I've 2 versions of this document. One in german and one in english. After accessing the page over the who is online refer I got the first part on german snipped almost at the end and replaced with the very same version on english.

I checked the site itself at once in the administration menu. Everything looked fine and separated. When I selected the document regulary from the menu tree everything worked fine too.

This is reproducable. I did several reloads with flushing the browsers cache.

who is online url refer language mix




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Works for me

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