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#1 28.09.2010, 21:33
Samme Abwesend
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Betreff: Header Image?
Hi, I like this forum script. It have many great features that makes it great.So first, thanks for good forum! Smiling
I want help with a script that makes the header image change on reload of the forum.

Like this:

But i dont know how to get this to my forum. So I hope someone can help me with it. Grinning

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#2 29.09.2010, 22:50
Blackwolf Abwesend
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Betreff: Re: Header Image?
Sorry for m bad englisch...

you must the script write to your header.html to yout templatefolder. i have created the file for you, with that you have a random head pic.

Create a Folder on your Viscacha Path on the Folder "Images" with the name "header"
Copy and paste your Pics on the Folder and Rename the Pics on "img1.jpg" "img2.jpg" ... for more Pic must you edit the number.

Edit on my header.html follow codes for your pics

Line 62 :
NumberOfImagesToRotate = 3;
Numbers of your Pics to will you use, 3 = 3 Pics, 10 = 10 Pics will to rotate

Line 66 :
FirstPart = '<img src="images/header/img';
Thats the IMG Folder to me, you can edit this, the last you must have /img

Line 67 :
LastPart = '.jpg" height="73" width="765">';
height and width from your Pics

Save your header.html to your Template Folder and Copy and Overwrite the header.html to your Template Folder.

thats all.


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#3 04.10.2010, 17:27
Samme Abwesend
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Betreff: Re: Header Image?
Great it works. Thanks!
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