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#1 28.11.2009, 23:57
Kleos Abwesend
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Betreff: footer template

I am getting some errors when checking xhtml validation in template footer.html (line 10):

<?php echo iif($config['pccron'] == 1, '<img src="cron.php" width="0" height="0" alt="" />'); ?>

I removed the "/" for img tag, but that did not fix the problem. Is that line necessary for automated cron jobs?
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#2 29.11.2009, 00:55
MaMo Abwesend
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Betreff: Re: footer template
What error did you get? Did you validate the processed template? Maybe its the height/width part. Try to use the style tag instead.

Matthias M.
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#3 29.11.2009, 12:35
Kleos Abwesend
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Betreff: Re: footer template
Thanks for fast reply. I tried validating only that part of the footer (inside copyright div) and got the same 5 errors.
I attach a screenshot.

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Sorry, this was my fault Shy .I finally solved it. The worst thing is that I have not found what was wrong. I just replaced footer with the Standard one and "re-added" two extra lines I had in mine, and now it passes the validation.

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