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Betreff: [Design] vesGold

I made this design for Viscacha 0.8.

Name: vesGold
Viscacha version: 0.8 (Gold)
Languages: German, english or spanish
Color scheme: Black and golden
Live Demo: Here
(Choose vesGold in box named "Elige Diseño" and click "Enviar" button)
- Fixed width like Standard design -> 767px
- New images
- Forum menu with images instead of text
- Download file
- Import through Admin Control Panel
- Publish and enjoy it
Customize header image:
- Delete file /designs/standard/header.jpg
- Open file /designs/standard/custom_header.jpg with your image editor and modify as you like.
- Save changes and rename custom_header.jpg to header.jpg.
Additional files: I made the design in spanish by default for testing purposes. Download for german menu images and for english menu images.
Known issues: When used in multilingual sites, it is recommended to replace the provided images forum menu with a text-based one like the Standard. If you do not know how to do it, post a reply here and I will help you.

I think that is all...

It is the first design I made except for the one in my site, so do not expect to be impressed (promise to improve). Any feedback is appreciated though, but be critical Wink

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