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#1 13.11.2009, 19:18
Kleos Abwesend
Dabei seit: 21.05.2009
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Betreff: Contributions

I´m making a few Viscacha designs and a couple of packages. I know this is not the appropriate forum to share them, but I don´t know enough german to post them properly in packages/designs forum.

When they are finished... Shall I post them here in english?

They are not very good, but might be useful for someone (as an example or a "start-point").
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#2 14.11.2009, 00:25
MaMo Abwesend
Dabei seit: 06.04.2004
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Betreff: Re: Contributions

this forum is for all international content, also for packages etc. As the international forum has not so many posts yet there are no subforums like in the German part, but I am planning to have a better international part of this site soon.

Thank you for all your work.

Matthias M.
=> Support nur per Forum - dann haben alle etwas davon!
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