musicwire78787 19.04.2007, 03:24
Betreff: Plugins and Components

Where can I find a list of plugins and components available for Viscacha. i would love to use it, but it seems in early stages and i can't find anything on google. I am looking for a shop component/plugin, so I can sell merchandise. All known components would be helpful though, just incase i'm missing something. I really like viscacha, but i can't use it if there aren't the propper additions to it.

MaMo 19.04.2007, 21:38
Betreff: Re: Plugins and Components


I am very sorry, but as you said: Viscacha is in early stages and so there are currently only a small number of plugins and components. That will be better with Viscacha 0.9 but that release is far away. A shop component is a huge component which is currently not planned.

I really dislike this situation, but this is a new software with a small community and I can not do everything on my own, so I have to wait for contributions Disappointed