Samme 13.12.2010, 22:27
Betreff: Planning to move my forum

Hi, im planning to move my forum to a new server and adress.

I need some help. I really dont know where to start.
So if someone can help me i would be grateful.

Btw, I have tried to just import a backup but like I suspect it isnt that easy.


MaMo 13.12.2010, 22:49
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum


the easiest way could be to follow these steps:

1. Make a complete backup of your data (sql + ftp) to your local computer.

2. Edit the data/ file and change the following lines to suit to your new host:
Database related settings: (required)
$config['database'] <-- Name of the used database
$config['dbpw'] <-- Password for mysql
$config['dbsystem'] <-- Database driver (e.q. mysql)
$config['dbuser'] <-- User for mysql

FTP related settings: (not required, but recommended)
$config['ftp_path'] <-- FTP path
$config['ftp_port'] <-- FTP port
$config['ftp_pw'] <-- FTP password
$config['ftp_server'] <-- FTP host
$config['ftp_user'] <-- FTP username

3. Upload the files, including the config file, to the new ftp server.

4. Open an sql administration tool (e.q. phpmyadmin) and execute the backup sql scripts, this may also work using viscacha admin control panel, but I am not sure about this.

5. Log in to the admin control panel. Go to the file manager in the section content management. There is a button to check all CHMODs. Execute this to update the chmods, you may need to set some of them manually.

6. Check the settings, you have to change several paths, urls etc.

Please try this, haven't tested it, but that should work. You can ask me further questions, of course.


Samme 14.12.2010, 17:31
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum

Allright, Thanks for the help. I have moved my forum to the new server now, And most things seems to work.But the portal dont work and i got this error:
Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 233 of 1587 bytes in /home/samme/public_html/*site*/classes/class.plugins.php on line 193
on several places. Any Ideas?

Btw, I did like this, I installed a new clean Viscacha on my server and imported the backup from my old forum and then just overwrited all orginal folders (not the files in root) and updated the config. This would give the same result, Right? I did this fo save som time but if you think that the problem i will do it your way. Smiling



MaMo 14.12.2010, 20:35
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum


your suggestion is also possible. The error message is just an outdated cache file, please visit the Admin Control Panel and go to the cache manager. There is a button to delete or refresh all cache files, you should click one of them.


Samme 14.12.2010, 21:52
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum

Hi, got this now:

Fatal error: DB ERROR 1054: Unknown column 'post_order' in 'field list'
File: /home/samme/public_html/*site*/classes/cache/ on line 15
SELECT id, name, parent, position, description, topics, replies, opt, optvalue, forumzahl, topiczahl, prefix, invisible, readonly, auto_status, active_topic, count_posts, reply_notification, topic_notification, message_active, message_title, message_text, lid, post_order
FROM v_forums
in /home/samme/public_html/*site*/classes/database/ on line 151

MaMo 14.12.2010, 22:34
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum


were the versions on the old server and the temporary installation on the new server the same?


Samme 14.12.2010, 22:45
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum

Yes, 0.8.1 on both. But the forum on my old is upgraded from 0.8.0, if that matters.

MaMo 14.12.2010, 22:58
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum

And the backup is made with version 0.8.0?! There is a database table column missing which was introduced in 0.8.1.

Please execute the following SQL query in the Admin Control Panel:
ALTER TABLE `v_forums` ADD `post_order` enum('-1','0','1') NOT NULL DEFAULT '-1';

You may need to replace the table prefix (v_) with your database table prefix.

Afterwards refresh/delete the cache again.


Samme 14.12.2010, 23:10
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum

That it is true! I forgot that i did a backup when it was in 8.0 and then i saw a new upgrade was available, and i upraded my forum.

Thanks for your help, I will try this and come back later Smiling

rhae 15.12.2010, 10:43
Betreff: Re: Planning to move my forum

Hi, I have a problem maybe similary to Samme's. My hoster moved my domain to another server, updated PHP and made some changes for security:

Folgende grundlegende Änderungen wird es zum bestehenden System geben:

* Webserver
* Update von Apache Version 2.0.59 auf Version 2.2.14
* einige Anpassungen der Serverkonfiguration über .htaccess Dateien
sind nicht mehr möglich (Options, php_value, php_flag,...)
* der absolute Pfad zum Documentroot Ihrer Domain lautet:
"/srv/www/<domain.tld>" (ohne www, also z.B.

* Update PHP 5.2.3 auf die Version 5.2.12
* PHP wird nicht mehr über mod_PHP sondern als FastCGI ausgeführt
* die PHP-Funktion url_fopen und register_globals sind standardmäßig
aus Sicherheitsgründen deaktiviert
* das Standard-Verzeichnis für Session-Infos ist "/var/sq_tmp/session/<domain>"
* das temporäre Upload-Verzeichnis ist "/var/sq_tmp/upload/<domain>"

The forum works fine so far, but if someone uses the buttom "Vorschau/preview" by writing a new posting there is a message "Diese Webseite wird auf eine neue Adresse weitergeleitet. Sollen die eingegebenen Formulardaten an die neue Adresse gesendet werden?".

Another problem is at the admin-panel. I can make backups of the database but by trying to download the backup-file there is a error message "Die Dateien unter konnten nicht gefunden werden."

Is there another entry of (old) pathes in the database (cachefiles are cleared and configfile is changed)?

vg Ralph