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the easiest way could be to follow these steps:

1. Make a complete backup of your data (sql + ftp) to your local computer.

2. Edit the data/config.inc.php file and change the following lines to suit to your new host:
Database related settings: (required)
$config['database'] <-- Name of the used database
$config['dbpw'] <-- Password for mysql
$config['dbsystem'] <-- Database driver (e.q. mysql)
$config['dbuser'] <-- User for mysql

FTP related settings: (not required, but recommended)
$config['ftp_path'] <-- FTP path
$config['ftp_port'] <-- FTP port
$config['ftp_pw'] <-- FTP password
$config['ftp_server'] <-- FTP host
$config['ftp_user'] <-- FTP username

3. Upload the files, including the config file, to the new ftp server.

4. Open an sql administration tool (e.q. phpmyadmin) and execute the backup sql scripts, this may also work using viscacha admin control panel, but I am not sure about this.

5. Log in to the admin control panel. Go to the file manager in the section content management. There is a button to check all CHMODs. Execute this to update the chmods, you may need to set some of them manually.

6. Check the settings, you have to change several paths, urls etc.

Please try this, haven't tested it, but that should work. You can ask me further questions, of course.

Matthias M.
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