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Betreff: Re: Universal Merge and Conversion Tool for Viscacha
These are really great news!

I have no experience with Cutecast or Woltlab Burning Board, but I can help doing some testing with Viscacha and phpBB3 merging tools if you need another tester.

In my opinion, the permissions conversion is not such a big problem because itīs something to be done by admins. It is different with passwords, which are private for each user. If there is no good way to import them, the only idea I have is to make the phpBB3 conversion script generate a list/log with all members who have lost their password in the conversion (so Admin then can send a mass email to all those members with an advice and instructions on how to recover it as soon as possible). However, in most cases this will not be necessary if you merge data in a clean Viscacha installation.

If you are planning to add more scripts to this tool, I think it would be a good idea to start with the most famous/usual ones: SMF, punBB,...

Itīs a great idea to implement this tool. Thanks!